About PSA

The Pakistani Students Association (PSA) Hannover is formed to provide every possible help, support and guidance to Pakistani students living in or around Hannover
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We are Pakistani students studying in different educational institutions in Hannover. PSA Hannover is to help each other to strengthen our community and delivering a positive image of our beloved land.

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PSA members are very energetic and always try to participate in different events to promote Pakistani culture in Germany. Often we are funded by Pakistan Embassy and Pakistani families living in Germany

important guidelines

Planning to land in Hannover as a student or jobseeker? You need some guidelines before departure from Pakistan and after arriving Hannover.

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Study Material

PSA Members help each other by sharing their eBooks, Notes and other study material by uploading them on FTP so that new comers may get some educational help without any inconvenience

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PSA Services

Currently PSA is providing following services to its members
Members of PSA Hannover gets lot of benefits such as ...

PSA arranges accomodation for short and long term for all incoming Pakistani students and professionals. As return, we do not expect any money but we expect you to help other Pakistani fellows.

PSA is responsible to provide proper guidance including university rules and regulations, important places in Hannover city as well as helping them complete bureaucratic formalities.

PSA always try to be a bridge between Pakistani students and Pakistani community living in/around Hannover. We organize different social events on different occasions in order to integrate the community.

Current Cabinet

Wajahat Raheel

Responsible for maintaining PSA cash in and cash out for different events

Saad Bin Saleem

General secretary
Responsible for maintaining PSA internal stuff and organizing PSA events.

Zulqarnain Sheikh

Responsible for maintaining and controlling PSA internal stuff as well as to coordinate with other communities and societies in order to strengthen PSA

Muhammad Shahzad

Vice President
Responsible to coordinate with all PSA members as well as to supervise PSA internal matters

Council of elders

latest news

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